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To: Vasco Noronha
Factor Chave - Marketing Integrado


Dear Vasco,

As Chairman of the local organizing committee of the XVIth meeting of the European Association for Haematopathology and, following the review of the meeting report in the January 2013 ExCo meeting, also on behalf of the ExCo of the EAHP I wish to praise the service of Factor Chave.

Factor Chave was a major player in the success of the meeting, and I kindly ask you to share my thoughts with your team, in special Marta Prates, Paula Almeida and Andreia Martins. The contribution of Factor Chave, from the planning stage to the final report, assured a successful event and greatly facilitated my job as Congress organizer. Nevertheless, a few items need special mention.

Access to the team was very easy, and fruitful discussions played a key role in the set up of the event.

The company assisted the preparation of the meeting with a realistic budget and expert suggestion of venues, understanding the unique needs of the Association.

Sponsor recruitment would not have achieved the level obtained without the expert contribution of Factor Chave.

Handling of abstracts and replies to the authors was very efficient and prompt, in spite of requests at inconvenient hours in weekends and holidays.

The pleasant global appearance of the venue and the prompt response to the participants needs, through the back office or by the team onsite, was much praised and plaid a major role in the final impression from an event of this type.

The quality and smooth running of the projection and sound systems, handling last minute requests from the participants, was again a plus in the organization.

Finally, the ability to adapt tested with the need to change the venue 1 year before the meeting is the mark of a mature and well run organization.


Again, Vasco, please accept my thanks for a fruitful and pleasant partnership.

With my warmest regards,


José Cabeçadas
Local organizing committee of the XVIth meeting of the European Association for Haematopathology